'The Voice' recap: The Penultimate Peril

Has The Voice, a series that prides itself on surprising its viewers, finally become predictable? Though eight contestants still remain in the competition, I'm going to be pretty gobsmacked during tomorrow's results show -- yes, there is a results show tomorrow; yes, I was unaware of this fact until Carson announced it during tonight's broadcast; and yes, this means I'm going to have to postpone my plans to see Super 8 yet again, mumble grumble -- if the last four standing aren't the quartet of singers America has already designated its favorites: Beverly, Dia, Vicci, and Javier. Their direct competitors -- Frenchie, Xenia, Nakia, and Casey, respectively -- put up a good fight, but none of their performances were quite spectacular enough to catapult them to frontrunner status. This doesn't mean the finale isn't going to be exciting; on the contrary, I can't think of another recent performance-based reality show that's had such a great crop of talent duking it out for a title. It does, however, mean that the results show will probably feel even more perfunctory than these things normally do. Read More...



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