'The United States Of Tara’s' Season And Show Finale ‘Best Parts’

I am so going to miss The United States of Tara, and the finale exemplified many of the reasons why this show should have been renewed. The acting is superb, the characters well realized, and the comedy/drama fine line walked so exquisitely that the viewer truly doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The season and show finale, "Best Parts," began where the last episode ended – as Tara leaped from a bridge into the water below. Quick cut to Tara in an abandoned cellar, dunking alter Bryce headfirst into a vat of murky water. Between water-boarding dips, Tara tells Bryce that she deserves better, and will have better. He taunts her until she dunks him one last time. Max breaks open the cellar door  and ...

Max and Tara huddle by the side of the bridge, soaked and draped in blankets, as a very unsympathetic cop refuses to buy their story of just wanting to have a swim. Tara tells Max that she had decided that the politically correct funny farm they were headed to would not help her. She wants to go to the proper lockdown facility in Boston that Dr. Hatteras had mentioned. It would mean three months of intensive treatment, but she thinks it’s the best chance she has of ever getting better. He reluctantly agrees to her plan. Read More...



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