Review: USA's 'Suits' a flat legal drama

USA has established an odd little tradition in recent years where most of its new series debut with extra-long episodes. On the one hand, I understand that a channel whose motto is "Characters Welcome" would want to give its new shows bonus time to establish those characters from the outset. But on the other, USA shows are designed to be light, easy-to-digest fare - even when they're not airing in the summer, they feel like they should be - and these super-sized opening portions usually feel a bit too leaden for that. 

Rarely, though, have I had as hard a time getting through an inflated USA pilot than I did through all 73 minutes (90 minutes when you factor in commercials) of "Suits," the new legal drama that debuts Thursday at 10 p.m. after "Burn Notice."  Read More...


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