Review: FX's 'Wilfred' a surreal, clever buddy comedy

When you're 5, an imaginary friend can be a fantastic thing. When you're 30, it should be disturbing. But FX's strange, twisted, at times hilarious new comedy"Wilfred" (which debuts tonight at 10) suggests that for some adults, imaginary friends are the best kind of all. 

We first meet Ryan (Elijah Wood) as he's at the end of his rope - or wants to create the illusion that he is. He's working on the third draft of his suicide note, but he insists on mixing up the vial of pills into a smoothie that includes a vitamin supplement, so at least a part of him still has a foot in the land of the living. The suicide attempt doesn't work out, and then his pretty new neighbor Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann) turns up on his doorstep asking if he can do her a favor and babysit her dog Wilfred...


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