BURN NOTICE “Company Man” Advance Review

BURN NOTICE "Company Man" Season 5 Episode 1 – Okay, so we all know how last season ended – with Michael apparently being accepted back into the fold of the spy family. Well, this episode starts up six months after that fateful day and things are maybe not quite as cut and dry as we were lead to believe. Michael is still on the hunt for answers and that hunt definitely has its ups and downs.

As for the rest of the gang; don’t worry, they’re definitely still around. I was afraid after last season’s finale that Michael would be off doing his thing all alone and we’d never see everyone together again. But let’s just say that, even with all the resources of his new friends, sometimes Michael still needs the help of his old ones to make it through the day. And even with all the fancy gadgets at his disposal, he still ends up using his old MacGyver-ish ways to get out of some tough scrapes. Read More...



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