SUITS “Pilot” Advance Review

SUITS "Pilot" Season 1 Episode 1 – After viewing the pilot for this new series from USA, all I could think was: I smell another new bromance brewing. Judging purely from one episode I think that this one has the potential to be right up there with the ones on Psych, White Collar and my other favorite series.

On Suits, the bromance is made up of Harvey (played by Gabriel Macht), a somewhat conceited high-power lawyer who never loses cases and seems to have grown a bit bored by the lack of challenges in his life. When the firm insists that he hire an associate, Harvey tries to find someone more like himself and that’s when Mike enters the picture. Played by Patrick J Adams, Mike is everything that Harvey is not and yet I immediately saw how the two of them were basically made from the same mold. They both take chances and don’t follow the rules laid before them and had their places been switched, I think they both would have ended up in the other’s shoes. I could see Mike being in the same place that Harvey was if his life had he had the same opportunities handed to him that Harvey had. Conversely, I could see Harvey taking the same chances that Mike had been forced to, had he been hit with as many hard knocks as Mike had. Read More...


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