FRANKLIN & BASH “Bro-Bono” Review

FRANKLIN & BASH "Bro-Bono" Episode 4 – In this episode, it’s a love triangle from hell when Jared, Hanna and Karp are all put on a case together. Their clients are divorcing and both of them apparently cheated on the other, which just brings up bad memories for Karp and Hanna. Turns out Hanna apparently cheated on Karp back in the day so the two of them aren’t having too much fun trying to save another couple’s relationship.

So it’s Jared and Peter to the rescue, again. Jared figures out that the husband can’t get his little soldier to stand at attention and that’s why he was trying it with another woman. This leads to him also going around and telling people that he never actually had sex with Hanna. He’s trying to protect her reputation at the firm but since Infeld couldn’t care less who’s banging who and in fact encourages it; turns out he didn’t need to bother at all. Read More...


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