Elijah Wood & Jason Gann Talk Smoking Pot and Hallucinations on 'Wilfred'

It's safe to say you probably haven't seen another sitcom like 'Wilfred' ... and I mean that in the best way possible.

Elijah Wood stars as a severely depressed guy named Ryan who has very vivid conversations and insane adventures with a dog named Wilfred. The catch: he's the only one who sees the pup as a man in a dog suit. A man in a dog suit who's often smoking massive amounts of pot when he's not digging holes in the backyard, fetching things and trying everything to get Ryan to live a little.

That shaggy fetching man is none other than co-creator Jason Gann, who helmed the short film and Aussie series of the same name and concept before reimagining it for American audiences. Read More...



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