Did Nathan Cheat on Haley?

ok guys, so after having watched the first two episodes of the 7th season of oth, what do u think the truth is behind this random girl coming into the story and accusing nathan of getting her pregenant?

do you think he actually did it, or shes out to get him for something?

newayss, when lucas and brooke first stopped dating, i kind of lost interest in the show a little bit because they were my fave couplee, and i loved them. last season got a little boring if you ask meee, and with the departure of lucas and peyton, i didnt think the show would go anywhere.

but the first two episodes changed my mind.

i lovee the new characters they added, and this show is honestlyy one of the best shows outt theree..

OTH <3


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Sep 27, 2009 1:28PM EDT

i dont, and hope that he didnt cheat on haley. y would he willingly te4ll haley if he was guilty. he has shown no guilt when the skank has accused him. i really hope its not true. they r my favorite couple ever jamie is so awsome. lol

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Sep 27, 2009 3:44PM EDT

I think its a publicity stunt. Nathan needs to get his name out there and a story like this will give him a lot of attention. Its a deal between him/his agent and the pregnant girl. And thats what he is going to say to Haley. At least I hope it is so!!

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Sep 27, 2009 3:57PM EDT

oh truuuee i never thot of it that way.but still, likee he was to shocked when his agent told him and showed him the pictures.i think its something moreee, and we'ree all gonna beee super shocked when we find out. :)

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Sep 28, 2009 9:59AM EDT

i think they need to get over the Nathan cheating on Haley storyline, anyone remember psycho nanny at the beginning of the last season. i think it's pretty clear to us by now that Nathan will not cheat on Haley. Ever. the writers need to expand their relationship beyond cheating problems. If I was Haley my response to Nathan would be "again honey, seriously you don't need to tell me anymore, I understand that you're a sexy desirable man and I completely trust you. Besides a picture of a 3month old baby does not even prove that it's Nathan's. She could've slept with 5 guys the same night and picked the richest, most successful one to accuse.

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Sep 28, 2009 6:16PM EDT

I totally agree with dorina17, they used this story how many times already. Plus the three big new cast members they brought in besides the skank (quinn, clayton, and alexis) haven't been impressive yet, I understand that it has only been to episodes but still when they did the initial 4 year jump the characters where way better developed.
And with Skills most likely gone do to his real life crime issues there goes another good actor. Maybe now they can afford to bring Lucas and Peyton back.

Oct 13, 2009 11:11PM EDT

what!? what happened with skills!? and i agree with most of what dorina said, but i am really excited to see what it ends up being because I really really really hope nathan didnt and i really dont think he did so i am really curious to see what they make of all of it and i would like to apologize for all the reallys! lol

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