'Wilfred': Elijah Wood finds new meaning to 'man's best friend' in one of the summer's best comedies


There's a certain amount of genius to the way Jason Gann plays Wilfred, a man in a dog suit -- who's actually a real dog. It's no surprise he's been riding the character for nearly a decade. First an award-winning 2002 short film, then a two-season Australian series, "Wilfred" arrives in its third iteration as a U.S. series on FX this summer. Little is lost in translation.Deviating from the original, "Wilfred" follows Ryan (Elijah Wood), a loner who finds salvation in his attractive neighbor's dog just hours after a failed suicide attempt. That dog is just a dog to everyone else, but for Ryan, it's an antagonistic, pot-smoking man in a dog suit who gets him to come out of his shell.The relationship between Ryan and Wilfred obviously anchors the series, leaving little room for the secondary characters... namely Wilfred's owner, Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann). And though there is clearly a lot of buddy comedy...



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