Watch: Chris Evans goes from zero to hero in new 'Captain America' trailer

One last look at Marvel's upcoming "Captain America: The First Avenger" has been unleashed on the true believers of the world. The new trailer, below, shows a bit more of the story, and a lot more of the WWII-era action. 

The clip starts with scrawny military reject Steve Rogers (Chris Evans, on an amazingly effective CGI diet) overcoming the odds (and bullies) and proving that brawn isn't always a prerequisite for bravery or valor. Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci and hottie Hayley Atwell draft him for a military-assisted transformation into the titular super-soldier. The rest is history, as Cap and his cohorts battle the Nazi-backed Hydra soldiers, led by the evil Red Skull ("The Matrix" trilogy's Hugo Weaving), looking downright terrifying.

Evans (also in the Marvel-derived "Fantastic Four" films) looks convincing both as a 90 lbs weakling and a hulking he-man in a cool vintage-style costume. Read More...


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