'Burn Notice' 5.01 'Company Man' Recap and Review

At the end of last season, Michael was welcomed back to the CIA by Raines (Dylan Baker, sporting a beard since we saw him then). We get a quick rundown of all the things he's been doing since that handshake, complete with spiffy graphics. All that work has led Michael to Canada, where he's looking sharp and meeting Max (Melrose Place's Grant Show). Michael's burn notice hasn't been officially lifted, so he's just a lowly asset, and Max is his handler. They get their man, sedate him, and sneak him out in a fake ambulance, but not before Michael reiterates to Raines that he needs answers. It's a brisk but pretty straightforward opening for the show.

Some time later, Fiona is causing a lot of unintentional property destruction in her desire to get her hands on Michael. In fact, she ends up throwing him around too. "I think you broke a rib," he deadpans in the afterglow. She would rather talk about how his new gig has sidelined their little team for the last six months. "When you got burned, it wasn't just you," she tells him. "These last four years have been hard on all of us." Michael insists that they're almost done, after which he can move on with his life. Read More...



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