'The Real Housewives of New York City' recap: Housewives: The Next Generation

Avery scares me. Seriously, I would wilt in the face of her derisive downward glare. You know who else she scares? Her poor friend who had the nerve to suggest that Avery invite Justin Bieber or Katy Perry to her sweet 16 party. "I bet they're going to be in town," she stammered, looking for validation from her three silent, disapproving friends. Avery said nothing, giving a slight shake of her head. That little colt just got iced from Avery's very elite group of everyone who is social in New York. Say goodbye to your chance at the satin wraparound bed/banquette! Hasta la vista to the mysterious David! Forget about a slow dance with Mario! You cross Avery and you lose. Go back to the cabinet you crawled out of, breakers and Bat Mitzvah themes. Read More...



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