Bad Teacher Review

Even if Bad Teacher were filled with hilarious jokes, terrific performances and spectacular direction (which it's not), it would still be held back by a main character so shallow and deplorable that the audience just may wind up resenting the movie and all involved for inflicting her on them. It's not really the fault of Cameron Diaz, who dives shamelessly into the role Elizabeth Halsey, a lewd, heavy-drinking, pot-smoking, foul-mouthed gold digger whose only goal in life is to marry a rich man. Sure, there have been plenty of misanthropic central characters in film and television, but they usually have some redeeming quality – a biting wit, charm, keen intelligence or the slightest hint of warmth glowing within their black hearts. There's none of that in Bad Teacher. Elizabeth is totally unredeemable, though she is hot, which seems to be the only reason we're given for why we should care about her.  Read More...


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