Wilfred: "Happiness" Review

There are shows with aspirations of being a big, mainstream hit and then there's Wilfred. When you center a series around a guy who sees a dog as a man in a dog suit who speaks to him, you're not looking for the CSI audience and Wilfred is rather aggressively offbeat, aimed squarely at an audience whose taste leans toward the more unusual. Elijah Wood stars as Ryan, a guy we meet at the ultimate low point, on the night he tries to kill himself - that is if he can just write a draft of his suicide note he's happy with. But Ryan isn't very good at suicide and is still alive the next morning when his beautiful neighbor Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann) asks him to watch her dog, Wilfred. Except Ryan doesn't see a dog – he sees an unkempt dude in a cheap looking dog suit, who has plenty to tell Tom and everyone else in his vicinity.  Read More...



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