Pretty Little Liars Review: Separated, But Equally Scandalous

pretty little liarsDespite trying to follow their parents' wishes and not be seen with each other, the Pretty Little Liarsgot a loud and clear answer from 'A' on their fickle charade... She (or he) wasn't having it.

After last week's crazy return to our televisions,Pretty Little Liars gave us more questions to ponder, but very little answers to have a conniption over. Some of those questions, such as where the hell is Ian (or his body), stayed in the forefront, while others got the week off to probably come back with the vengeance of a teenage girl scorned.

First up, the central issue of the girls having to play anti-friends due to their therapist's suggestions to the parentals. You would think the Grown Liars would know that their daughters are still meeting with one another and in turn would resort to some serious extremes to make sure PLL club meetings be a thing of the past for the moment. Instead, there aren't any chained doors, new alarm systems, or barred windows to keep these girls apart, which probably wouldn't matter anyway given the severity of their situation, but I digress. Wonder how long this therapeutic exercise will last before the parents realize that it is completely pointless and that they were pretty much gypped out of some serious dough...


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