Game of Thrones Season 1 Review

game of thronesYou've heard my thoughts on the plot elements of Game of Thrones' first season (and believe me, there are still thoughts to be had), but today I'm here to share my opinion on the season and why I thought it was so great.

First of all, I have to start out by saying that Game of Thrones will probably rank up there withLOST as far as game-changing genre shows go. Sure, it doesn't change the field as drastically asLOST did, but it's a show about dragons and swordfighting that is appealing to a mass audience. It'll be fun to watch the success of the series influence the shows that other networks put out in the future. What further influence Game of Thrones will have on our culture, I don't know quite yet. I'd love for it to instigate a resurgence of fantasy into the pop culture bloodstream. It has the potential to do just that, if its numbers keep going up with the second season. Read More...


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