The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Changes - For Better and Worse

the real housewives of new jerseyThis week's Real Housewives of New Jersey narrowed its focus on two storylines this week and guess which one took precedence of the entire night.

The sibling rivalry between Teresa Giudice and her brother Joey Gorga reached a new mile marker as the two finally sat down and had a 'discussion' about the issues between them. While Joey blames Teresa for instigating a competition between himself and Teresa's husband Joe that blew out of control, Teresa felt that Melissa was guilty for starting drama and went as far as suggesting Melissa was a "gold digger" to prove her point. Of course she didn't relay that to Joey's face, because Lord knows how much hell would've been unleashed in that restaurant.

Despite the back and forth on who was in the wrong and who should apologize first, at least the siblings decided to try to squash all the drama for the sakes of their kids and parents. However, Joey felt that Teresa should talk to Teresa and their mother before they could make any more steps. A good suggestion, right? But this is The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and without drama there's no show.

I, for one, perceived the 'psuedo-truce' was sincere and legit, especially with Joey. However, Melissa ruined all of that once she and Joey showed up at Kathy and Richie's accountants house and began to 'worry' about the truce, claiming that she didn't buy it. What happened to the "Making peace! Thank you, Jesus!" Melissa from earlier in the episode? Read More...


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