Cars 2 - Review

Cars 2

After sampling the exotic South American wonders of fictional Paradise Falls in Up, Pixar explorers must have felt that returning to Cars' make-believe town of Radiator Springs — located in the imaginary West off historic Route 66 — was too been-there-done-that. Besides, without the great Paul Newman around anymore as the voice of Radiator Springs' doctor, judge, and racing legend Doc Hudson, the place was a little too quiet. That's my theory, anyway, as to why Cars 2 leaves the town so far behind, so quickly, for most of this very busy globe-trotting sequel. At some point in the years since champion race car Lightning McQueen (voiced once again by Owen Wilson with his trademark hotdog drawl) settled down in Radiator Springs,Cars 2 director John Lasseter got a notion: For the follow-up to 2006's Cars, he'd graft the appeal of the nostalgic American road-trip values and automotive pride established in the first movie onto the foreign-accent high jinks of an international spy caper. He'd get no more kicks from Route 66; he'd see the world! Read More...,,20483458,00.html


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