In theory, Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop should have been a simple work of hero worship presenting the recently fired talk show host as a misunderstood comedy genius who was unfairly dealt a bad hand by evil ivory-tower dwelling NBC executives. Admirably, director Rodman Flender went for something a little more complex. Coco fans needn’t worry about seeing their hero torn to shreds in a character assassination piece, but at the same time the portrait of Conan that Flender presents is far more complicated than expected. Conan comes off as a major talent, but also an entertainer with a fragile ego. There’s a sense that after almost two decades of hosting a late night talk show, O’Brien has a compulsive and almost unhealthy desire to entertain. He seems comfortable only in front of an audience and is capable of communicating almost exclusively through jokes (often of a viciously critical variety). It’s a character trait perfectly suited to hosting a talk show, but also one that makes him seem out of place in nearly every other environment. Think of this as the Don’t Look Back of comedy. My full review after the jump.


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