i loved it 4/5 - great fairy tale/romantic comedy mashup.

Delightful. Wonderful concept. I grew up on disney and this didn't disappoint me..I love such crossovers If I could, I would have loved to have written such a script myself. I like how it tried to cenvy a message, while still being a perfect fairy tale. Frankly, I do miss the old style fairy tale, like the first cinderella, but by adding a twist, this mananges to create new quality.. In post (post)-modernism, where every possible motive has been used up what else can we do but to recycle old to create new things? Something like collage. It was used in reference to literature, but it may apply to film too and personally I am very much fond of such mashups. I didn't find the movie too cheesy-on the other hand it explores some popular sterotypes while still remaining an enjoyable romantic fairy tale.

Very enjoyable all in all. Not a masterpiece of any kind but very charming.


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