'Falling Skies' - 'Prisoner of War': The wrong kid tried

A few quick thoughts on tonight's "Falling Skies"coming up just as soon as I read the stack of spy novels on my nightstand... 

As I said last week, while I enjoy "Falling Skies," I'm not sure there's enough meat here to fuel weekly reviews. That said, there were some discussion-worthy things in "Prisoner of War," and I'm also curious to see ongoing reaction to the show, given how split the comments were between my post last week (mostly positive comments) versus Fienberg's review of the show (predominantly negative comments). 

Mark Verheiden was brought in as showrunner after the "Falling Skies" pilot was produced, and his influence is pretty clear in "Prisoner of War," which has plenty of echoes of "Battlestar Galactica." Obviously there's the wall of photos of missing and/or dead children(*), but there are also the glimpses we get of the civilian population trying to make the best of their situation, here setting up daycare, a rudimentary school system, cooking(**), etc. On "BSG," the civilian part of the fleet was often an abstract, because we were spending all of our time on Galactica while most of the civilians were on other ships we never went to. Here, they're right down the hall from where Weaver and Tom are plotting strategy, so in a way, this show has a leg up on portraying that aspect.  Read More...



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