Recap: 'True Blood' Premiere - 'She's Not There'

As we open this new season, we learn that the mystery brunette in Sookie’s fantasy land is her -- no joke -- Fairy Godmother. Barry the Bellboy also is in fantasy land, has his own fairy godmother too. Name’s Lloyd; great accessories. Anyway, Barry and Sookie are in a beautiful garden. They are invited by the fairies to dine on light-up fruit, which Barry chomps with abandon. Sookie hesitates, which, of course, can only mean that the light-up fruit is bad news. Just then Sookie spots her grand-dad, who is enjoying a disco fruit of his own. (That’s not a metaphor for anything. Lloyd is a Fairy Godmother, but the disco fruit really is disco fruit. It’s not a euphemism. Yet.)

Pee-Paw is under the impression that only a few days have gone by since he last saw Sookie, so Sookie needs to set him straight and catch him up on everyone who has died.

Oh no! The walls in Fairy Land are getting slimy and a green goblin is lurking among the trays of glow fruit! It’s a trap! A tall fairy emerges from the crowd before Sookie can bail. This is Mab, queen Glow Fruit Country. Mab reminds Sookie that she has inadvertently stirred up fresh danger for the fairies by cavorting with vampires and luring one into the fairy realm. Read More...


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