'Falling Skies' recap: Prisoners of War

Last week, Falling Skies had the most-watched cable premiere of the year. To judge by the comment boards on our recap, though, the big take-away from the two-hour was: "Holy good lord, how many commercials can you cram into one hour of television?" Well, TNT isn't letting up on the advertisements -- by my count, last night's episode only had a 40-minute non-commercial running time -- but if you had patience/a DVR, the second episode of Falling Skies promisingly dove straight into one of the show's central mysteries: The child-enslaving harnesses, which attach to the spinal column like renegade parasites from H.R. Giger's sketchbook.

Tom and his crew were scouting out the group of harnessed kids that included his captured son Ben. The skitters had the captured kids gathering scrap metal -- old toasters, copper wire -- for reasons unknown. The squad retreated to plot a nighttime rescue mission. Back at the school/human HQ, Tom went to a briefing that served to fill us in on the war raging across the American continent: Dale Dye (who, among other awesome roles, was the narrator in the original Medal of Honor) informed him that there were Resistance fighters in Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, and California. The plan was evolving: Instead of just "staying alive," the name of the game was "Search and Acquisition." The human Resistance wants to learn more about their alien opposition. First and foremost that meant solving the riddle of the Harnesses. Read More...



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