'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' - 'To the Boy in the Blue Knit Cap': Bye, Bobby

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" came to the end of its run (probably) last night, and I have some thoughts on both the series finale and the series as a whole coming up just as soon as I show you my pinball machine... 

"Let's go." -Goren

For 90% of its running time, "To the Boy in the Blue Knit Cap" didn't feel particularly finale-like. Nor, for that matter, was it an especially compelling episode of "Criminal Intent." It wasn't so much ripping a story from the headlines and twisting it as ripping off a story from a movie that was already ripped from the headlines, and tweaking it just enough that Sony couldn't sue. So, for instance, we got James Van Der Beek playing Justin Timberlake playing Sean Parker, and even holding court on a nightclub balcony made up to resemble a scene from the movie. And as the episode checked off the various "Social Network" scenes and characters it needed to mimic, there wasn't much room left for Detective Goren to do his twitchy, invasive, always effective investigative technique. It felt like an episode where Goren and Eames were besides the point, and that's an unfortunate move to make in what was planned as their last appearance ever. 

Then came the last five minutes, with Goren going for his final mandatory therapy session with Dr. Geisen, in which she got to sum up the various psychological problems "Criminal Intent" fans got to know so well over the last decade, accompanied by old footage of Vincent D'Onofrio looking tightly-wound (but otherwise mostly unchanged from how he appeared back in 2001). It was, in a way, redundant - again, if you've been watching the show for a while, you have a pretty good idea of what makes Robert Goren tick and what ticks him off - but at least it had a finale feeling to it: Thanks for watching, folks! Here's a little trip down memory lane before we wave goodbye!  Read More...



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