'True Blood' Season 4 Premiere Recap: 'She's Not There'

When we last left off on "True Blood," Sookie had been spirited away to a faerie confab—which, as you know if you caught the sneak preview of the show's first eight minutes, doesn't turn out so well. The garden party is populated by scores of pretty guests, with all the golden ambiance of a teensy Italian bistro and an endless supply of "light fruit" (glowing comestibles that look like radioactive mangoes)—and hey, look, there's Barry the psychic bellboy! And Sookie's long-lost dead grandpa! But while Sook chats with Granddaddy, she can't help noticing that there's a skulking demon in their midst...and her attempt to issue a telepathic warning doesn't go over so well considering that, y'know, everyone else at the party can read minds. The real deal: Faerie queen Mab is super-peeved at Bill's impromptu visit to the faerie garden last season, and she's going to close the gate and initiate a massive human harvest. Read More...



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