LEVERAGE “The Long Way Down Job” Review

LEVERAGE "The Long Way Down Job" Season 4 Episode 1 – This stylish, cool and charming show is back for another season. This good guy heist gang are pulling off their usual stunts and this week their unlikely non-super superhero group find themselves in the snowy mountains with millionaire investment hotshots from all over the world. This week they’re enlisted by the widow of one of these hotshot millionaires to do something involving climbing up a mountain to find a notebook in a cave while distracting a party of mountain climbing millionaires, one of whom is definately the killer of the widow’s husband.

The plot isn’t important. The show’s writers are smart enough to realize that the last testament of some random guy is sad, sure, but its little more than a MacGuffin: what’s really interesting is seeing these characters who, over three years, we the audience have grown very fond of, in varying situations. These characters are good looking, smart, ultra cool, super talented and they each have their own interesting personalities and relationships and we care about what they do which is why Leverage is one of the better offerings of the summer. Read More...



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