THE PROTECTOR “Class” Review

THE PROTECTOR "Class" Episode 3 – In tonight’s episode of The Protector "Class", Gloria tries to find out who killed a school counselor that everyone seemed to like, her partner Michelle (Tisha Campbell-Martin) hooks up officer Ramon aka Romeo with a job, and also Gloria’s son Nick might be a genius.

The murder investigation seemed pretty straightforward at first but ended up being complex. First, we get thrown the usual red herrings in the form of the gilted boyfriend, married lover and, to top it all off, the jittery latino student. I did not see the crazed drug dealing high school over-achiever angle coming though. I had my money on the headmaster’s wife who might have been tired of all the floozies her husbands was banging. I am sort of confused about how they wrapped up the whole confession. I am pretty sure that Gloria cannot interrogate a minor outside her parents’ presence, but I am wondering if the whole confession scene can be considered a confession at all. Not sure what to think about this. Read More...


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