FALLING SKIES “Prisoner of War” Review

FALLING SKIES "Prisoner of War" Season 1, Episode 3 – I got sneak peek at the third episode of TNT’s Falling Skies and in my opinion, it has already improved upon the formula from the first two episodes. Here, Tom Mason and his group of trusted fighters are finally in a position to rescue his son, Ben, who was captured for slave labor by the alien invaders.

The world of the resistance expands as we find out that humanity has almost instinctively come together in large groups like the 2nd Massachusetts around the country to fight back against their oppressors and survive. The battle continues on all fronts, physically, psychologically and now, scientifically as a new doctor, Michael Harris, meets up with the 2nd Massachusetts to contribute his understanding of the alien biological harnesses and offer hope for the families who have had their teen children captured and enslaved. Michael also fills in some of the blanks about the past and we find out more about what happened to Tom’s wife and the scenario in which she had been killed. Read More...



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