CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “Home is Where the Hospital Is” Review

CHILDRENS HOSPITAL "Home is Where the Hospital Is" Season 3, Episode 4 – There were tiny bits of continuity sprinkled into this week’s episode of Childrens Hospital which is kind of exciting considering that normally we’re inundated with humor, relationships and plots that will never be remembered in later episodes. There was a mention of "Black Hospital" and the apartment might turn out to be a fixed setting now that most of the Childrens Hospital staff seem to be living there.

Valerie takes in roommates like a cat lady takes in stray cats. I’m not sure exactly how many people are living in that place, but apparently it’s just one too many to be sharing a small kitchen. While they’re all crammed into a single car for their commute they start discussing who should leave the apartment. Blake hilariously (and unsuccessfully) suggests himself a few times, we discover that Brian is under house arrest and the rest of them basically just refuse to leave. The minute they step into the hospital, the drama thickens – not really because of any development in their situation, but because suddenly the music, the camera movements, their dialogue and their reactions become intentionally more theatrical. Read More...


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