The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa's Got A Gun - Super Sized Catskills

the real housewives of new jerseyThe only thing super-sized about last night's Real Housewives of New Jersey was the spurts of boredom the episode presented.

Don't get me wrong. Things actually happened and the hour was a hell of a lot more light-hearted in tone than the previous outings have been, but it did not deserve the "super-sized" treatment in my personal opinion. However, there were some highlights of the night that were worth mentioning.

Teresa and Melissa Bury the Hatchet... For Now.

We picked up from the cliffhanger from last week with the conversation between Teresa and Melissa getting a bit heated, but civilized. After saying who was wrong for what and that the past needs to be put out to pasture, the sister-in-laws came to a conclusion to start over with a clean slate starting with Christmas dinner. Before they reached that conclusion, though, Teresa was hushed by Melissa after mentioning Joey owed money for something and how it was spread across time. Melissa played her "Ace" by declaring Teresa to be the last person to talk about money matters, especially when it came to owing someone. So Melissa won that battle, in some respects. Where Mrs. Gorga did "slip up" was bringing up Kathy, who didn't have anything to do with their conversation whatsoever. Remember Kathy asking Melissa to just focus on patching up the mess between Teresa and Joey and leaving her out of it? Yea, I did as well. Read More...


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