Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 6 Episode 3 (plus video)

kardashiansOn this week’s Keeping up with the Kardashians"The Former Mrs. Jenner", Kim is dared by her sisters to have an x-ray of her butt to squelch rumors that’s it’s not real.  The Kardashian fame gets to Kris’s head as she nearly ditches the Jenner name.

Kim reacts to online reports that her butt deflated and exploded on an airplane. She and her sisters Google "Kim’s ass" to see all the stories of apparent butt pads and implants. As much as she says the stories don’t bother her, it’s clear she is tired of them.  Khloe suggests having an x-ray to prove she has no implants. Kourtney thinks it’s stupid but pushes the idea because it would be fun to watch Kim have to ask the doctor for the x-ray.  Deciding to get to the ‘bottom of it’, Kim agrees to do it. 

Kris is called Kardashian by a reporter on a red carpet. She laughs it off saying her life is the Kardashian world and even though her last name is Jenner, admits to using the Kardashian name for certain perks like getting good restaurant reservations. While out for a walk with Kim and Kendall, Kris says she’s thinking of changing her name from Jenner back to Kardashian for professional reasons, believing that people get confused as to who she is.  The girls tell her it’s disrespectful to Bruce and rude. Kris insists it’s for branding purposes only, and compares their name to the renowned political family the Kennedys.  Kim calls her a sellout and says Maria Shriver never felt compelled to call herself Maria Kennedy. Kendall snitches to Bruce who confronts Kris. Again, Kim cites the ‘confusion’ people have when they call their house and the branding excuse. Bruce isn’t happy about it and reminisces about how well known the Jenner name was around the world when he competed and won in the Olympics. Read More...


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