Falling Skies: "Prisoner of War" Review

Another solid episode of Falling Skies had a title that turned out to have a cool meaning when we saw just who the "Prisoner of War" the title promised was exactly. We met Dr. Michael Harris (Steven Weber) this week, a survivor of the alien attack who had a history with Tom (Noah Wyle). That tension surrounded Tom's wife and I liked that it wasn't something TV-typical like a possible affair, but rather the fact that Harrisabandoned Tom's wife and left her to die when the attacks began. Let's face it, many of us wouldn't be the picture of courage and strength if the world was ending around us, and Harris and what he did when the s**t went down is a good testament to that. Of course that didn't mean that Harris doesn't have skills that could come in handy, as he revealed he had figured out how to remove the harnesses from the children taken by the aliens – something no one had successfully done so far, without killing the child wearing it.  Read More...



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