Very nice opening episode!

The 1st episode of this new season was not too bad, i thought it was quite funny. I loved to see once again how socially inactive Morris was, and the whole "builder from hell" thing that wound Jen up was hilarious!

I was pleasantly surprised to see the reappearance of Denholm again, (i'm still smiling from the fact that he was spending his afterlife in Hell, with Hitler, and tried to trick his son into joining him "thats not hitler, its just a...woman)

The funniest thing that got me, and still has me rolling on the floor, was the letter denholm had written before his death, where he explained that his suicidal death was due to him jumping out of the window. HOW would he able to write that letter after his suicide!? It seemed like another one of those stupid things in the plot of the IT crowd which does not make any sense, hence making it bizzarely all the more comical.

On a scale of ten, i would rate this episode 8/10. I wouldnt give it full marks becuase i know that the next episodes will be even better, judging from this one.


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