Jimmy Kimmel: 10 Things To Know about the Late-Night Host

Kimmel is also an artist, a prankster and a competitor who recognizes the value of rival host Jay Leno -- sort of. Here's a look at 10 surprising insights into the world of Kimmel. 

On Rival Jay Leno

Kimmel famously inserted himself into the late night battle between Leno and Conan O'Brien, when he decided to do an entire show parodying Leno (complete with a wig and fake chin). The tension grew stronger the following night when Leno invited the ABC host onto his show and was, as Leno told Oprah weeks later, "sucker-punched.' While Kimmel's disdain is still apparent, he acknowledges that Leno offers value that Kimmel and many of the other hosts do not. "Jay knows that he’s supposed to get ratings and that is his goal. I think that’s a secondary goal for the rest of us. I think our primary goal is to be funny and to be cooler or edgier," says Kimmel. Read More...



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