MasterChef's Joe: The Good, the Bad and the Skin-Graft Crepe Get Their Just Desserts

Hello again, MasterChef fans,

Monday night's episode proved true the old adage that there's nothing to fear but fear itself. So many poor decisions were made during both the mystery box challenge and the elimination test that were based out of fear and insecurity. From multiple uncooked dishes by Jennifer, Jennie and Alejandra, to that horrible skin-graft crepe cake concoction from Max, the night's mishaps were indeed the lowest of the low since the audition round and left us judges with something we too might have to fear -- the outcome of this competition!

Jennifer's plating of raw lamb was by far the worst disappointment and the biggest lapse in judgment.  I meant what I said about sending her home -- I was harsh, but necessarily so. Jennifer is a good cook -- no way she would have made it this far otherwise, but we are too far along in this competition for such a thoughtless error.  All it took was one comment from Graham, one inquisitive question, and she became unglued enough to second-guess her whole dish.  Though it was not my intention, I'm not sorry I embarrassed her, because maybe that's what it took to get her to wake up and fly right -- to perform like I truly believe she can. We judges know what's next in store for our contestants, and there are tougher critics to come than the likes of me. Read More...


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