'The Bachelorette' Week 6 Season 7 Recap

The group heads to Hong Kong but Ashley is still thinking of Bentley and the dot dot dot….to be continued, or to be strung along? At the beginning of the show host Chris Harrison comes to her door and tells her that Bentley is in the same hotel and that he wants to protect her so she is still not saying "what if" with Bentley if or when someone proposes. This is her time to find closure and her reaction- "he’s in the hotel right now?"  You can see it in Ashley’s eyes that she is shocked and after a few moments, she heads over to his room to talk with him. She knocks on his door after about 5 minutes of lingering and pacing. When he answers, we can all see the malice in his eyes and she’s an idiot for leaning in for the kiss. He says he thought about calling her but it was too easy so he flew around the world to see her, aka ABC paid for it. She tells him she has been having a hard time and he said him too, but he is just lying through his teeth- we wish we could slap him. Does anyone believe this BS, or is it just Ashley? He clearly didn’t miss her as much as she did him and she lets her guard down to him and makes him the powerful one in this so called relationship. Is this dot dot dot a period, she asks? Looks like it, Ashley. Why did he come all the way to Hong Kong to give her a period? We’re thinking it was the face time. Jerk! Even though she said "F- U Bentley, I’m done"- we can tell she’s not. Read More...



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