'Drop Dead Diva' Recap: Diva Does The Right Thing

In Sunday’s episode of Diva doing what’s right was the theme of the night for the colleagues at Harrison and Parker.  The episode begins with Grayson getting released from the hospital and getting some exciting news from the Doctor.

Grayson Meets with his Neurologist Dr. Kendall, who says he is being released from the hospital and can, get on with life as usual which means going back to work and planning his wedding.   After Dr. Kendall’s approval, Grayson asks Jane as his " Best Man" if she would help him plan the wedding, with Vanessa out of town he knows she will do a much better job of it than he ever could. Jane reluctantly accepts the responsibility as an effort to stay close to Grayson and be a supportive friend, but Jane might have bit off more than she can chew when Parker enlists her help on a case that Kim is working on figuring it would be a good way to get back into Kim’s good graces and good exposure for firm.  Kim reluctantly agrees. Read More...



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