Graham Elliot: Tonight's 'MasterChef' Losing Dish Tasted Like An Old Shoe

Graham Elliot is a world renowned chef and judge on Fox's 'MasterChef' who'll be guest blogging for AOL TV from time to time this season. Here are his thoughts on this week's episode ...

Alright let's get started! The Mystery Box is totally what got my blood going on this episode.
I was shocked to see Derrick had taken this beautiful rack of lamb and decided to grind it up, which he himself said was akin to crashing a Bentley. It's one thing to be a big fan of the meat grinder but c'mon, we're talking about rack of lamb! I have to admit after seeing that, I was really nervous that things were gonna be tough for him.
In the end I gotta say that it was Alejandra and Tracy that impressed me the most. Alejandra has this incredible ability to keep her food light while infusing tremendous flavor. Tracy is showing she has some serious chops and her side was one of the best vegetarian dishes I've ever tasted, and her lamb was beautifully done as well.


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