WEEDS “Bags” Review

WEEDS "Bags" Season 7 Episode 1 – This is the first Showtime original series to make it to season 7. It was the first in the line of subversive dark comedies that defied the genre. It was the first of a series of female anti-hero protagonists. Nancy Botwin would soon by followed by the likes of Tara Gregson and Jackie Peyton. The first two seasons were stellar stuff, followed by a severe decline in quality.

Then last season, the sixth, the show underwent some creative changes. Jenji Kohan, showrunner and creator, breathed fresh life into a stale series which ended with one of the best episodes I’ve seen of the show.

The shit Nancy has put her kids through, the things she’s made them into, should make me hate her. But Kohan never tries to make us like Nancy, and Mary Louise Parker has infused the character with such a curious mix of vulnerability and strength so that it made the season finale, as Nancy finally turns herself into the authorities to allow Silas and Shane to flee to Copenhagen, a great episode. It would have served excellently as a series finale. It probably should have served as the series finale. But season seven, at least as fast as the first episode goes, shows that Kohan still has some tricks up her sleeves. Read More...



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