THE BIG C “Losing Patients” Review

THE BIG C "Losing Patients" Season 2 Episode 1 – The Big C ended last year on such a high note that the frustration I felt with the vast majority of the rest of the series was almost instantly forgotten. It’s funny when a show can do that: all of Cathy’s reluctance to tell her family anything about her illness led to one frustrating dead end after another. The show seemed to be stuck in a rut until the last episode, when Cathy finally told her husband and son. The scene where her son found the room filled with gifts she’d bought him in the event of her death which would cover him up until his 18th birthday magnified just how marvellous the show could potentially be.

I have only seen the first episode but, at least in this episode, showrunner, creator and writer Darlene Hunt seems to have truly found a balance between the dark, absurdist humor of the situation of a woman struggling with cancer and the terrible emotional impact it has on her family and herself. I don’t think any of that was more evident than in the minor subplot involving Marlene’s dog Tomas, a beautiful creature who swallowed two of Cathy’s pills. Throughout the episode Cathy and Paul find Tomas lying dead, only to realize he’s just a lethargic hunk of meat. The fear and sadness and love and nervous humor wedged into such a minor arc is a microcosm of what the show is about. Read More...


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