Teen Wolf: Who Is The Alpha?

teen wolfAfter watching tonight's Teen Wolf, one question popped into the mind of this blogger as the plot sprinted before me at break neck speed: Who is the Alpha?

This beast has become a nuisance not only to Scott and Derek, but the entire town of Beacon Hills as well since his bloody rampage isn't as consistent as a grocery list. Anyone is fair game for the beast and, for those in the know of the werewolf problem of Beacon Hills, everyone is a suspect when it comes to nailing just who is the Alpha werewolf of Beacon Hill.

Despite the Alpha werewolf making his presence fully known to the town of Beacon Hill by gnawing on its denizens, other revelations were revealed tonight, some of which had me chanting the word "game-changer" after each new nugget was revealed. Plus, the parent teacher conference storyline gave us some pretty insightful (and possible foretelling) profiles on our five main students of Beacon Hill High. Before we delve into that pot of mouth-watering details, let's look at what was laid out before us in terms of the main storyline of the night. Read More...



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