Hannah Montana : Miley Cyrus to Taylor Swift Get A Tattoo!

News about Famous Celebrity of Hannah Montana tv show] : Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is trying to convince her pop singer and beloved friend, Taylor Swift to get a tattoo. Miley is continuously forcing Taylor into getting a same tattoo as she has on her body.

Miley Cyrus, 17 year old, who is also popularly known as Hannah Montana, wants her friend to write just breathe on her body. Taylor Swift has no body art and she clearly hates the idea about getting inked on her body. She has even refused to use a needle on her body.

Taylor Swift has mentioned that she is scared of needles. She continues My mom would kill me! Besides I hate needles. Taylor is 20 year old whereas Miley is 17 year old and looks for more body art.

Miley Cyrus has heavy influence of getting tattoos from her family. Her brother Trace, who is a lead singer in a band Metro Station, has influenced her a lot. Even he has revealed that both the siblings want to get matching tattoos.

Trace Cyrus said I already have a matching one with my dad, there is no reason I wouldnt do it with my siblings. Someone you are that close to, its something that means something to you obviously, so why wouldnt you do it?

Miley is very excited about getting tattoos with her brother, so she tried to convince Taylor as well. Finally, she saw that Taylor was dead against that concept of getting a tattoo.


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