SANCTUARY ''Kali - Part 3'' Review Season 3, Episode 1

Last season, the Sanctuary team made a connection with Kali by using Will has a host. Unfortunately, when Wexford decided to attack Kali thereby angering her, Kali lashed out, not only with the tidal waves, but also by severing her connection to Will. Rules are that a former host of Kali is a dead man walking as they soon die after being released as a host. Will this fate befall Will as well?

As Magnus attempts to find other ways to connect with Kali, her efforts are derailed by Wexford who thinks firing on Big Bertha again will solve the problem. Of course, that is what started the problem in the first place. Magnus takes things into her own hands by flying a helicopter directly into the path of Kali so that Wexford cannot fire on her. When Kali sends out an electromagnetic wave, all power is lost and Magnus copter goes down with the wreckage sinking. Although Wexford appears concerned, it seems that he may be faking it and happy that Magnus is out of the way so he can complete his plan.

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