PRIMEVAL (UK) Series 5 Episode 6 Review

PRIMEVAL Series 5 Episode 6 - After last week’s little mishap with the New Dawn anomaly, Connor wakes up in the future and under threat by creatures. Matt and Abby come through the anomaly to save him and bring him home – which they do, but not before we’ve learned the fate of humankind: they’re all dead.

Back in 2011, the group find a humbled Philip. He claims he didn’t want any of this to happen, he thought what Helen wanted was for the best. Abby points out that Helen uses people and Connor convinces Philip to help stop the anomaly. Philip’s only idea is to self-destruct the building housing the anomaly, which he does, killing himself in the process. But the anomaly is large enough to survive without a power source. How will the ARC team stop it? Read More...


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