COVERT AFFAIRS “All the Right Friends” Review

COVERT AFFAIRS "All the Right Friends" Season 2 Episode 4 - This week Annie finds herself racing around Argentina with Carlo, a supposed Italian spy who claims to be a journalist, after an exchange goes awry. Annie tries to keep them alive, out of the sights of both an assassin on their trailand the Argentinean police. A skeptical Carlo thinks it’s the CIA who are trying to kill them.

Is it? Of course not. Back home, Joan checks out the diplomat from the Italian embassy after Annie raises suspicions about him and decides he’s dirty. Jay and Auggie alternately act as Annie’s handler since Auggie is otherwise engaged for half of the episode. Why? Because Arthur has a job offer for him. It would give him his own department, a pay rise and other tempting perks. The downside? Auggie would have to go ‘overt’ and become a public face for the CIA. Read More...


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