NECESSARY ROUGHNESS “Pilot” Advance Review

NECESSARY ROUGHNESS "Pilot" Episode 1 – Dani is a woman whose life is perfect. Perfect house. Perfect husband. Perfect kids. Perfect job. It really couldn’t get more perfect. That is, until it all goes to hell and a handbasket. She figures out her husband is cheating on her and after that, it seems like everything else in her life goes in the crapper as well. That perfect house isn’t as perfect when you have to pay the mortgage without your husband’s big paycheck and are also trying to pay for a divorce. And those perfect kids? Well they’re not quite as angelic as mommy liked to think they were.

So Dani finds herself suddenly plunged into a whole new life. She gets a new job, possibly a new guy (that part is a bit complicated) and starts working on getting things as close to normal as she can.

The characters in this show really won me over. From Dani’s mom to the kids, to the newest man in her life, Matt, and the mysterious Nico, even Dani’s wacky best friend. All of them had their little quirks and all of them were indispensable to the story. Every single one of them also had a moment where I decided that I cared about them, which I didn’t expect. Read More...


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