WHITE COLLAR “Dentist of Detroit” Review

WHITE COLLAR "Dentist of Detroit" Season 3 Episode 4 – We all know Mozzie had his secrets and in this episode, we got to learn quite a few of them. Not only that but we got to see how Mozzie became, well, Mozzie. From day one when he was just a tiny tyke wearing glasses, left in a basket on the doorstep of an orphanage, to the day when he was twelve years old and (with the help of a clueless thug) conned a mobster out of a bunch of cash.

When Mozzie’s old friend is being threatened, the entire story comes out so that Peter and Neal can help, which allowed for lots of fun moments between Mozzie and Peter. As much fun as it is to watch Peter and Neal, I really love the dynamic between Peter and Mozzie, too and it was played in spades in this one. Mozzie realizes that Peter could be in danger for impersonating him and takes off to make sure that doesn’t happen (after reassuring Elizabeth that her husband would be fine), that made my heart turn to goo. Who doesn’t love Mozzie coming to the rescue for once? Read More...



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