Review: 'Transformers Dark Of The Moon' 'Two Jews On Film' Are On Different Planets With This SciFi Epic (Video)

First, I'll start with the good stuff.  And yes, there is 'good stuff'.  In fact, I think this is the best 'Transformers' of the series...which may or may not be saying much...depending on how you felt about the other two.

Here it goes...In no particular order...What I liked about this film...

1) The backstory...We find out from archival news footage that President Kennedy didn't send our astronauts to the Moon just to take a few steps for Mankind, but to investigate an alien space ship that had crashed landed there in the 1960's.  

FYI...When the Autobots were losing their war with the Deceptiicons,  Sentinal Prime (the Autobots leader) attempted to launch a space craft (The Arc) filled with technology that would have saved his people.  Instead, the ship crashed on the Moon and the Autobots were forced to flee to Earth.  Got all that? Read More...


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