'Love in the Wild' premiere: Couples Choice Ceremony is a more brutal Tribal Council


"Love in the Wild" is here as the latest summer reality guilty pleasure fare. So what did you think of this "Bachelor-meets-"Survivor" show?Meet the ContestantsThe show kicks off with 10 men and 10 women being dropped in the Costa Rican jungle. From what we understand of the show, each week they'll be paired up and how they finish in the weekly adventure challenge will determine which couple gets first dibs on saying they want to stay together or try a new partner (plus they'll get a reward at the Oasis). Also each week, one man and one woman goes home. The final prize is a first-class trip around the world.The ladies get to pick their partners for the first adventure. Dawn picks Jared, Vanessa chooses Steele, Erica chooses Miles, Samantha picks Mike, Jessica chooses Skip, Kym picks Derek, Heather chooses Ben, Brandee picks Adam, Jess picks Jason and and Theresa gets Peter.Hilariously, Theresa is bummed...



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